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6th July 2012, 04:45 PM
Learn modern Hebrew online, live on Skype with me. I offer 1 free trial lesson
I am a professional, English Speaking, patient Israeli with over 30 years experience of teaching Hebrew as a second language - all ages & levels.
I know how to build up your confidence & make you feel comfortable speaking Hebrew.
Survival Hebrew: in 10 easy lessons I will teach you basic social interactions, such as
how to order food, ask directions, etc. No previous knowledge needed.
Talk right away: Easy dialogues that will help you get around. Learn the Hebrew Alphabet
Intermediate: improve vocabulary, understand basic Hebrew grammar by practicing natural conversation
Advanced: progress, expand vocabulary, use contemporary spoken Hebrew, talk about events in Israel, latest slang. Become familiar with Israeli customs & culture
I can schedule lessons at your convenience.
$25 per lesson. You can get a discount if you purchase 12 lessons.
I offer 1 free trial lesson.
Please reply to this ad to schedule your free lesson.

My email: tenolazam@yahoo.com (tenolazam@yahoo.com)